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The Cosmogonies are paintings inspired by nature. They are abstract but there is something figurative about them. They are like cosmic landscapes inspired by the origin of life, the beauty and the mystery of creation. From the tiny cells in a microscope to the chemical reactions of nature itself, such as lichen, coral reefs or the infinity of the cosmos. Nebulae, aurora borealis, comets, and similar cosmic phenomena have always attracted me like the sirens’ song… I decided on the name Cosmogonies because they resembled the cosmos and somehow represented a genesis – the origin – a cosmos-genesis, a new beginning for me and my art. They arrived by chance in a period of big changes in my life, and like the big-bang they were born after a convulsion, like an explosion, with a lot of fuss but full of light. And funnily enough, they even resemble those cosmic skies and microcosmic universes. The Cosmogonies are also introspection, a call of attention for our world; a “back to basics, back to organic, back to our real – selves”. Both in their appearance and their creation I intend to reflect nature, the warmth of organic life against the coldness of technology. That is why I use so much organic materials, non-contaminant up to 90% (and those which are, I reuse them adding them to the next painting almost every time). I am not interested in modern technologies – at the moment – , nor mechanical aids, I want to create with my own hands. In this back to basics I did not want any machine involved. At least not with the Cosmogony series. I worry with what is happening to our beautiful, wonderful planet… we are killing it as if we were an advancing cancer! To me it feels as if we were slowly (or not so) committing suicide. I hope that these organic paintings of mine make those who look at them remember where we come from and that we are all part of it. A tiny but infinite cosmic “all”. I was also looking for beauty and harmony. I am tired of the sordid, the utterly and deliberately ugly, the aggressiveness and this tendency of bad taste in art and culture in general. And yet this is again a ¨back to basics¨ to where Art is concerned.